Rami (10th Zilhaj), Qurbani and Tawaf Ziarat – #Hajj

Rami (10th Zilhaj), Qurbani and Tawaf Ziarat

Rami, Qurbani and Tawaf-e-Ziarat are performed in sequence or else one has to offer Dam (Qurbani).

  • After returning from Muzdalifah, if you have enough strength and do not have aged persons or women with you, you can directly go to Mina-3 for Rami at Jamaraat. Avoid starting Rami before sunrise
  • The best time to go for Rami is an hour before Asr. Normally, there is lesser or no crowd and you can easily perform you Rami and return back to your camp in Mina.
  • If there is crowd, try to move slowly and carefully. Keep water with you and whenever you get chance, fill you water bottles from dispenser installed on walkway to Jamarat.
  • DO NOT try to return from the same path you came. DO NOT move in opposite direction or try to run during Rami. Stay away from the train platform gates.
  • For 10th Zilhaj, Rami is for Jamarah Aqabah/Kubra (Last one) only.
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  • Throw seven pebbles at the pillar for Jamarah Aqabah/Kubra so that the stones strike the pillar and then fall in the area beneath pillar. Do not hit very hard and do not yell/abuse. Also make sure the stones do not hit other pilgrims.
  • After Rami, move forward on the pathway back to station (if came by train) or to your camp area.

Qurbani and Halaq

  • If you have opted for Qurbani via proxy/agent, make sure he performs it after your Rami. Normally they are in contact via phone and inform you about qurbani as soon as it is performed.
  • For government coupon system, time is provided for you qurbani. It may be on 10th or 11th Zilhaj. Wait atleast 3-4 hours after that time for Halaq/Qasr.
  • If you are performing Qurbani yourself, it is quite straightforward, and you can perform Halaq once your return to Mina.
  • Normally, non-professional Barbers are available in Mina for Halaq at SR 20-50. You can also get you Halaq from Barber shop on your way to Haram for Tawaf-e-Ziarat at the same rate.


  • If you are coming from your camp, it’s better to board the train for Mina-3 (Jamarat) Station, and then walk towards the covered path to haram. If you performed Qurabni on second day, it’s even more convenient to move to haram after your second day Rami. It takes around an hour to reach Haram at normal speed. Do not move continuously and take rest and drink water whenever possible.
  • Taxis are not allowed beyond start of tunnels and 1-2 Km from Jamarat station, also they take SR300-500 for the journey. So, it is better to walk to Haram and back for Tawaf-e-Ziarat.
  • If you have performed your Rami and Qurbani on day-1, you can go for Tawaf-e-Ziarat at night, after Maghrib or Isha as there is lesser crowd.
  • Do not rush for your Tawaf-e-Ziarat as due to crowd it may take longer than your routine Tawaf.
  • If your Qurbani was on second day, Tawaf-e-Ziarat can be performed till on second or third day as well.
  • After Tawaf, you can perform Sa’ayi to complete your Major rituals for Hajj. If ground and first floor are crowded, you can move to second or roof floor for the same.

After Tawaf (and Sa’ayi), return back to Mina (camp). Make sure you stay for night in Mina/camp.





First (Arrival) Umra – #Hajj

First (arrival) Umra

The first thing to do after arrival to Makkah is to perform Umra. For most of the people, this will be their first Umra.


  • Men should expose their right shoulder (Idhtibah) during Tawaf and walk briskly while jutting chest and shoulder during first three rounds (Ramal).


  • The green light in front of Hijr-e-Awad mark the starting point for tawaf. Make niyat for Tawaf-e-Umra one step before Green light, move ahead and perform Istelaam, and start your Tawaf. You will not have the luxury to stop for niyat and istelam, so keep doing these during motion.
  • Don’t Move your face/body towards Kaaba while performing Tawaf. Recite All/any dua you like in any language. Don’t pay attention to crowd, keep performing your tawaf. Do Istelaam when arrive at Hijr-e-Aswad in each rotation. If you get struck in crowd, keep on reciting your Dua/Ayats, you’ll automatically move ahead.
  • Don’t try to enter into Hateem during Tawaf, you’ll get the change after your Umra.
  • After completing last round, perform Istelaam and keep on moving in the circle. DON’T TRY TO MOVE OUT OF MATAF CUTTING THE CROWD IN PERPENDICULAR DIRECTION FROM KAABA. There is lesser crowd after Maqam-e-Ibrahim, keep on moving right in circle with raised right hand to get out of Mataf, You can always come back from outside Mataf to drink ZAMZAM.
  • Don’t try to enter Mataf area (unless there is empty space) to perform your Two Rakats for Umra. It is better to keep Muqam-e-Ibrahim in between you and Kaaba while performing Salah, but in prayer space and do not get into way of Tawaf for others.
  • Cover your right shoulder after Tawaf.


  • Drink ZamZam as per Sunnah and recite masnoon Dua. Have some rest if you like and then move to Mas’aa for Sa’ayi.
  • The Safa direction is in front/line of of Hijr-e-Aswad. First move to Safa, Make Niyaa for Sa’ayi at Safa, and start your Sa’ayi moving towards Marwa.

safa marwa

  • Each Safa to Marwa (or Marwa to Safa) movement is one cycle. Recite Masnoon Dua or your own supplications at end of each cycle.
  • Males should move faster between green lights (on Roof) near Safa.
  • Your seven cycles should end at Marwa. This also marks the End of your Umra rituals.


  • Move outside the mosque from either Marwa gate or from the left side of Mas’aa (looking from Marwa to Safa). This is also the direction towards Toilets.
  • From outside, if you move towards Safa direction (opposite to Toilet), you get to the point where you entered from the Bus stop. Where Bab-e-Abdul Aziz will be on your Right and Bus stop towards Left.
  • Behind the Washrooms 3-4 on left, below the Al-Abraj Shopping Mall, there is a Market where Representatives from Barbar shops ask you for Halaq/Trimming. You can get you Halaq performed from these shops in SR 5 in normal days, upto SR 10 during rush hours and in any rate above SR 20 during Hajj period.

 Now, you have completed your Umra and can either go back to Hotel to perform Ghusl and change clothes, or stay in Masjid and change cloths in bathing area (Toilet 1,2 and 3,4).