Mina and Arafat Camps and Directions – #Hajj

Maps of Mina and Arafat camps during Hajj


Basic mina and Arafat activities and issues have been discussed in respective pages (Mina & Arafat). The directions for maps and country-wise distribution is the most searched keyword/part during Hajj. The government Hajis from Pakistan normally get same locations each year in Mina and Arafat.

  • The map for Pakistani camps in Mina for year 2017 is given below. Current maps are available with volunteer/Ministry officials present in Mina in green jackets. The same may be downloaded in good resolution from Official Hajj website here. In this map, green area outlines Pakistan, Orange for other countries.
Mina Camps Maps for Pakistan 2017
  • Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Saudi Scouts organization update these maps on Yearly basis. Zoomed in Map for Mina around Mina-1 Station is given below for year 2017.
Map of Mina camps for 2017

The direction from Mina to Haram is shown in Map below. The main backbone/road for Mina is the King Abdul Aziz road, which passes throughout Mina to Muzdalifah adjacent to the train stations. The same King Abdul Aziz Road leads to Haram from Jamarat point (Mina-3 station). Bin Dawood is visible on right side of the road. The tunnel either leads to Safa point or the Ajyad.

mina to haram
Mina to Haram Road
  • The direction from Mina-1 Station (Which is actually inside Muzdalifah boundary) to Arafat has three routes, including one via King Abdul Aziz Road.
mina to araf
Mina to Arafat Map
  • The route is about 12Km (almost 3-4 hrs walk), and will lead towards the boundary of Arafat on opposite side of Masjid Nimra, Near Arafat-2 and Arafat-1 Stations, where most of the South Asian/Pakistani Camps are present. Other two roads (Pedestrian Road 2 and 3) highlighted in grey are of similar length but lead towards Masjid Nimra or Arafat-3 Station.

The map of Arafat camps for Govt. program is given below for 2017. Same can be downloaded from Official Hajj website here.

Map for Arafat camps for Pakistan 2017

The detailed Mina and Arafat map for 2017 are also available on the Saudi Arabia Scouts website in PDF format. The zoomed-in image of that map is given below. It is clear from the PDF below that the YELLOW region is the camps for South Asian countries.

Map of Arafat camps for 2017

Hopefully, the location will be updated with respective years’ maps/guidelines in future. The detailed map (PDF) shows the colour codes for countries, the zones/camp no. nomenclature in maps, similar to that given by Haji camp. The details of services including Hospitals, stations and bus stops etc are also given in the maps.

The high resolution maps for Mina and Arafat (2017) may be received via contact section on email. OR Downloaded from following links.

Link to Pakistani Haji camps in Mina, Arafat, and Accommodation in Makkah.

Link to Saudi Scout website for Region-wise maps of camps in Mina and Arafat.


Arafat & Muzdallifah (9th Zilhaj) – #Hajj

Arafat & Muzdallifah (9th Zilhaj)

Immediately after Fajr prayer, people leave Mina camp on foot to reach Arafat. The pedestrian is properly marked but it is recommended to keep a map and GPS based app for navigation. There are ample drinking water and Toilet point throughout the road.

  • Maktab people start calling for groups to leave for Arafat after Fajr. The train station is very crowded and people who offer prayers inside station reach the train in 30-50 minutes.
  • Keep on moving with your guide towards station. Do not try to get into buses leaving from Mina with other pilgrims to Arafat as they will not open gates.
  • Depending upon the conditions, it takes 2-4 hours to reach platform to board the train. The train hardly takes 5 minutes to reach Arafat
  • Another way around is to walk towards Muzdalifah 3 station, and get onto (if you are lucky enough) hired buses (not Maktab buses). They take around SR 25-50 per head. These buses will drop you at Masjid-e-Nimrah. You’ll have to walk your way to Pakistani (Govt.) camp, which is behind Station Arafat-1 (on the opposite side of Masjid-e-Nimrah).
  • There are maps installed throughout Arafat that guide you towards your countries’ Camp area. Same map for Pakistan in 2017 is also given below.
Map of Arafat Camps for Pakistan
  • If your reach Arafat via train, you’ll be close to the camp area. Pakistan mission people at station will guide you towards your camp, if you do not have the map for the same.
  • Each camp has its own Toilet facility, separate for men and women.
  • It is recommended to get free from Toilet an hour before Zuhr time.
  • Once, Zuhr time has started, you can listen to Khutbah on Radio (FM Channel).
  • The prayer is performed in camps, so offer your Zuhr prayer (Hanafi) and then it’s time to indulge in Dua and Toba.
  • It is recommended to get your prayer rug and water bottle and make your stay in open sky outside the camps and leave the camps for female pilgrims. You can get shade under trees though.
  • A lot of eating and drinking stuff is distributed in Arafat. Try not to waste your time in collecting that stuff unless necessary. Remember, these 4-5 hours are the only hours you’ll get in your Wuqoof Arafat, so make better use of the time you get in asking for forgiveness.
  • After Asr Prayer (if not performed combined with zuhr), there is an increase in crowd at Toilets. So, manage your timings accordingly. Try to eat as minimum as possible for stay in Arafat and Muzdalifah.
  • Around 20-30 minutes before maghrib, people start gathering at station and Arafat boundaries. Make sure you do not cross Arafat boundary before Maghrib.
  • Depending upon the situation, either move for station-1 to reach Muzdalifah immediately, or wait 1-2 hours to rest and let the crowd subside. It is easier if you wait as the Toilets are empty in camps after 1-2 hours in Arafat.


  • If you want to walk towards Muzdalifah, leave immediately after Maghrib to reach in time to get space in Muzdalifah.
  • When going by train, get to the Arafat-1 Station, moving slowly depending upon the crowd. The train will drop you at Muzdalifah 1 Station. When you come out of the station, boards will be there guiding towards your Maktab.
  • In case you do not have map, or you do not find your designated area, you can stay at any location in Muzdalifah. However, make sure to walk as far as you can and as near to a Toilet as possible.
  • Also make sure that you do not stay in the path or close walking area.
  • Offer your Maghrib and Isha prayers in Muzdalifah and if possible get some sleep.
  • Collect your stones (better collect extra stones) from Muzdalifah, to be used in Rami. Do not pick bigger stones though.
  • In case you have females and aged people in group and you cannot find any space (Muzdalifah-1 is almost full with people with no space to even sit, when all pilgrims have arrived), try to get back to station or stay inside the station and wait for the trains to move from Muzdalifah-1 to Muzdalifah-3, so that you can make your stay near your (Mina) Camp (which is actually inside Muzdalifah boundary).
  • The trains from Arafat normally stop after 1-2 pm at night and then movement towards Mina is started. Do not try to reach Mina directly as trains will not stop/open at Mina before 1-2 pm.
  • Try to be as calm as possible. Do not get into fights with others over space as every one is tired and fatigued. If you find yourself blocking the path, move to other location if possible. Try to accommodate others within the space wherever possible.
  • After offering Fajr prayer at Muzdalifah (1 or 3) and Subh Sadiq, either get to your camp for rest, or move towards Jamarat for Rami.