11th – 13th Zilhaj Rami – #Hajj

11th – 13th Zilhaj

  • The time for Rami on 11th to 13th Zilhaj starts after Zawal (start of Zuhr time). For these days, crowd is lesser from Asr time.
  • Similar to 1st day, use the train (or your pathway) to reach Jamart building and throw seven pebbles each to each Jamara, starting from Jamarah Sughra to Jamarah Kubrah.
  • The whole day is available for prayers and reciting Quran.
  • If you have not performed you Tawaf-e-Ziarat, you can move to Haram after Rami.
  • If you like to eat from your Qurbani meat, you can also visit your Hotel (preferably in day time) for cooking/eating and return to Mina for night.
  • Rami for 12th Zilhaj is similar to that of 11th
  • If you like to stay for 13th, make sure you inform your Maktab people in advance.
  • If you want to leave after 12th, leave Mina before Maghrib time (after 12th Zilhaj Rami).
  • After performing Rami on 12th Zilhaj, either you can walk back to you Hotel (use GPS navigation if available), or return to you camp at Mina-1 (or other place in Mina) and wait for Maktab people to take you back by bus.
  • Make sure you either know the route or have GPS navigation available in case driver is unaware of route.
  • Do not take you bags on 11th Zilhaj for Rami, or take very little stuff possible. If you intend to return on 12th Zilhaj on foot, do not take your bags with you if your hotel is in Aziziya. Aziziya is closer to Mina-1 than to Jamart station. Taking larger bags is not recommended due to crowd and possibility of accident.
  • After returning back to Hotel from Mina, buses remain closed for 2-3 days. You can either rest or use taxi to reach Haram.