Pre-Departure – 4

Shopping and Packing

It’s time to start preparations for the journey. The preparations required are two fold, first, the religious matters and second the traveling matters. Following is a (non-exhaustive) list of items one should have during this journey. These can be purchased either from local market or Haji camp as convenient. These can also be purchased from Saudi Arabia (except for 1x ahram) but may be expensive as compared to your local market.

  • Important Items
Quantity Item Remarks
02 or 03 Ihram + Belt (for belongings, preferably rexine)
  1. If going directly to Makkah, only 2x would suffice
  2. Better get 1x in cotton and other in Towel
  3. The towel one is most suitable for Saudi conditions
  4. The size is standard 44×90 inches (don’t get shorter sizes)
1x Pocket sized book with Hajj procedures and issues
02 or more Namaz caps Not to be used while in ahram
01 Umbrella Light weight and normal size but strong
01 Backpack 1.       Normal size but light weight. This one is for Hajj days (Arafat, mina)

2.       Smaller back packs with rope to hang are used to carry stuff and water, these are also provide free of charge in Saudi Arabia by some companies

01 Mattress + Bedsheets
For misc. use and for Muzdalifa night.
01 Prayer Rug Should be travel prayer rug (light weight, foldable)
  Crockery 2-3 plates, spoons, plastic glass + cups and if possible frying pan
02 -03 Slippers For male, ones that keep foot bone exposed (you’ll loose at least one pair so better keep spare slippers)
01 Handheld fan
  Medicines Properly sealed by Haji camp, keep paracetamol, antibiotics (Augmentin), Anti allergy, rash medicines
3-4 Soap + Shampoo Perfume free
  Cell phone 1.       Preferable with long life battery or battery bank

2.       Smart phones should have offline maps and related apps installed. (SmartHajj is a nice app to have)

3.       Use only when required as a phone (Avoid taking pictures inside mosque specially during tawaf)

01 Small bag/pouch For pebbles in Muzdalifah
01 Pocket Size Quran Take special care to keep it away from your slippers (most people use back pack to keep slippers and water bottles)
  Travel iron
4-5 Normal wearing suits
  Misc. Scissor + Knife + nail cutter + Miswak + Body and Hand towel + Rope + Combs + Safety pins + toilet paper + Band aid
  • Optional (but useful) Items

Following is the list of items which should be available especially if you are planning to keep your budget low (if your airline baggage limit is not crossed). These items will be available very close to your hotel in Harmain but may cost you more.

Item Remarks
Tea stuff If you are addicted to tea it’s better to get a kettle, teabags, tea whitener and suger with you (enough for complete journey)
Refreshment Biscuits, cakes, packed chips etc
Washing powder
Inflatable pillow
Misc. Shan Masalas (not required at all, however if you plan to cook, it might come handy), Chat masala (for fruits)

And last but not the least; don’t forget to label your stuff wherever possible.


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