Pre-Departure – 3

3. Things to Do after Successful application


Now the actual training begins, Here are a few notes about things to do after successful application,

  1. No need to mention but…. Thank Allah for successful application, 2 Rakats Nafil for Shukrana.
  2. Make a file to put all your documents related to application. Keep the Receipt of your application safe.
  3. Identify the free of cost training facilities in your area. Most start after balloting on every Sunday, till first flight. For Karachi, Taimuria Mosque (Hyderi) and Alamgir Trust mosque (Bahadurabad) are well known for such trainings.
  4. Start collecting books on Hajj/Umra practices and religious rulings. Stick to the maslak/mufti you follow. Place bookmarks if required. E-books on mobile are also very useful.
  5. Smaller/pocket size books and cards with Masnoon Duas are preferred.
  6. If possible, join an Arabic language course.
  7. If not already learned, go to the local mosque Imam and ask him to guide you with Makharij and Naazra for reading Quran and Duas.
  8. WALK…… A LOT. Start from 500 meters per day and gradually increase to 3-4 Km per day (if possible).
  9. The best training you can get is to try and sit in Aitkaf this Ramzan.
  10. Now is the time to start Talbeeh…. till the time you perform Rami on 10th ZilHaj. Keep on reciting these lines whenever you recall or get time.