Hajj Ahram & Mina (8th Zilhaj) – #Hajj

Ahram for Hajj & Mina (8th Zilhaj)

The departure for Mina is normally scheduled on 7th Zilhaj after Asr prayers.

  • The Muallim people provide with cards for identification, Camp number, and meal coupons one day before departure.
  • The buses for Haram are closed three days before 8th The only means of travel are taxis. If you have small/large group, taxis are available on all streets/roads. Normal fare for this period from Azizya is SR 100-200 (one-way).
  • If you can afford the fare, it is recommended to Wear your Ahram from Haram, and return well in time before departure of buses. Normally people make Niyah+Talbeeh when buses start to move.
  • Try to pack minimum possible items in small bag/backpack. One extra Ahram, One normal dress, Quran, umbrella, Water bottles, extra slippers, eye glasses, some stuff to eat, prayer rug, small backpack for Arafat, and bags for pebbles are enough for Mina stay. If you forget anything, you can come to Azizya (for short duration) to collect extra items.
  • Once you reach Mina and enter the camp, do not push others or rush to your camp. One camp has beds for 30+ persons with around 1.5 ft width per bed. If possible, try to occupy corner bed or settle for any bed available.
  • Prayers are offered inside each tent. Beddings are folded for the same. Offer Salat with the group that you are comfortable with, as there are multiple Jamaats per tent. Do not argue others over Qasr or normal prayers.
  • Sometimes, there is some issue with cooling system. Register your complaint with Muallim people, with Hajj mission politely. They will resolve the issue ASAP.
  • Try to get map of Mina camps, Arafat, and Muzdaliffah stay camps from staff.
  • Following is the map for Pakistani Camps in Mina (for 2015). The same map for 2017 is also given below.
Mina map (2015) with Qurban Gah location
Mina camps map for Pakistan (2017)
  • Try to maintain discipline during serving of food. There are shops available outside camps for all the things, in case you do not get food due to some issue.
  • For 8th Zilhaj, there is no set ritual. Try to get accustomed to maps, locations and train station (for govt. pilgrims, its Mina 1). If tickets are valid for the day and you have enough strength, try to get to Station Mina 3 to visit Jamarat and Masjid Kheef via train.
  • It is better to get some rest, however, if you like to pray at night, make sure you keep strength for the Arafat day/night (9th Zilhaj).
  • Forget everything about luxuries of your routine life. Try to make most out of your stay at Mina.

Note: Mina 1/extended Mina area is actually Muzdaliffah area, however, there are rulings that allow stay in this area for Mina period.


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