Madina-tun-Nabi – #Hajj

Journey to Madina and Markazia Map

Congratulations on your luck/blessings to start the journey to Holy city of Madina. Some pilgrims directly land on Madina airport via Hajj flight, while others come from Makkah, either before or after Hajj. In case of direct Madina flight, pilgrims are moved to their respective Hotels after immigration and registration with Maktab.

  • For Makkah to Madina Journey, buses are provided by the Muallim, which normally move after Maghrib Prayers.
  • Pack all your stuff well before time and get details of the bus with your name. If you are going after Hajj, perform your Final tawaf well in time to reach for the journey at hotel.
  • Buses normally take 6-8 hours for the journey. Try to get rest before or during journey as you may reach at a time very close to next prayer.
  • If you are moving in night, try to get your dinner packed. Buses normally stop at mid points for dining, but food is expensive and sometimes not fresh.
  • Once you reach Haram Madina limits, registration is performed and you are provided identity cards. Passports are also returned at this point if coming after Hajj.
  • Hotels are mostly within the Markazia (very close to Masjid-e-Nabawi, area within ring roads in image). Your group in Makkah may not be on same bus and you can make new group for room in Madina with 4-8 persons per room depending upon the Hotel.
Markazia Map & Directions
  • Check into the Hotel and have some rest if time is available. Get Hotel card having its name and map on back as during first 2-3 days, it will be difficult to find back your hotel.
  • Identify the area of your Hotel. If you divide the above map in four quadrants, the area on bottom right is Jannat-ul-Baqee. Gate number 34-36 lead to Baqee enterance.
  • Gate number 36 leads to the area towards Al-Baik
  • Bottom left is the area towards Gate 6 and leads to Bab-us-Salam. This area is close to the Dates Market. Masjid-e-Abu-Bakar, Masjid-e-Umar, Masjid-e-Ali, and Masjid Gamama are in the vicinity of this area.
    • As salam Road also has van stop to move inside city or for Masjid-e-Quba and Jabal-e-Uhad.
  • Top left area is Saqifa Bani Sa’ayida, near Gates 11-15. The area on left of gate 11-15 leads to ‘’Bangali market’’.
  • Top area (middle) is towards Gate 25 (Ladies gate). Gate numbers increase if you move from bottom left to upwards direction and then right coming back to Baqee area from Top right.
  • Pakistan House is behind Gate 28.

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