Umra from Haram – #Hajj

Umra from Masjid Ayesha/Taneem & Jairana

If you wish to perform additional Umra, you can either go to outside Haram boundary to wear Ahram either from Masjid Ayesha at Taneem or Masjid Jairana (in direction of Taif).


  • For Masjid Ayesha, regular buses move from Jabal-e-Umar and take SR 2, or if you have a group you can get taxi from same spot at SR 5 (SR 10 in peak hrs) per person. This road is visible in directions blog.


  • For Jairana, Taxi from Aziziya would be more economical. Normally SR 100 per taxi with 8 persons seating. Keep in mind that this point is farther from Taneem. You should have offline map just in case your taxi driver does not know exact location.


  • There are bathrooms available at both Masjids where you can perform Ghusl and Wear Ahram.
  • Once you are at one of these mosques, you can wear Ahram, perform two rakats and make niyaa/recite Talbeeh for Umra.
  • The next step is to get to Haram and perform Umra as already explained.

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