Masjid-ul-Haram Directions – #Hajj

Umra Maps & Directions

  • After taking some rest at your residence, and some understanding of your surroundings, plan the movement for Umra.
  • It’s better to perform at least one Salah near your residence and get accustomed with bus stops and their numbers. Also get Hotel Card from staff.
  • The map for accommodations for Pakistani Pilgrims in 2017 is given below. Same can also be downloaded from Official Hajj Website.
  • Each Sector has its own dispensary, Ministry offices, and bus routes.
  • Most of the Sectors for Government Haji’s lie inside the Aziziya Region. However, for 2017, 2x sectors were at Batha Quresh with comparatively new buildings but less established area.
Accommodation Layout for Pakistani Hajis 2017
  • The buses will take you to intermediate stop. The same bus number will pick you from this stop to your residence. The shuttle service to haram moves between this stop and Masjid-e-Haram. (From now on haram will be used to refer to Masjid ul Haram instead of Haram boundary for ease). Pl. see the Map below,


  • For Pakistani Pilgrims, the shuttle (2015) gets you to Ajiad Hotel stop, which is directly in front of Bab-e-Abdul Aziz. The Indian shuttle from Kadayi will take to underground stop to Haram, which leads to staircase in front of Makkah Tower.
  • From the stop keep moving towards Masjid reciting Talbeeh, Due to construction work, some places may be closed. Bab-e-Abdul Aziz if Open, leads directly to the Mataf area (first floor or underground). Your Muallim staff will guide you about the doors to be used for entry. Pl. See the map below,

ajyad map2

  • If Bab-e-Abdul Aziz is closed, move towards left side towards gates 90-99 for entry. These will get you to under ground part of Masjid leading towards the Mataf area near Bab-e-Fahad.
    1. If you go further left from these gates, you’ll lead towards Bab-e-Abdullah, where major construction is going on.
    2. There is a bridge adjacent (on right) to Bab-e-Aziz, normally for wheel chairs. This leads to upper floors of the Masjid, if open.
    3. The area to the right of Bab-e-Abdul Aziz (when looking from your entrance towards the gate) leads to Mas’aa (Sa’ayi area), which again leads to Mataf when crossed.
  • If you enter from Bab-e-Abdul Aziz, You will face the Yamani corner, and will move towards right to start your Tawaf. This way You’ll directly look at Kaaba while entering the gate, so be careful for your FIRST GAZE.
  • If you get in from Gate 90, you’ll get to the underground area, which leads to Mataf. You’ll have some problem identifying the Kaaba from this angle, as you’ll first see Mataf and people performing tawaf and suddenly Kaaba will be in front of you. (During Hajj period, the Cover (Al-Kiswa) is folded). You’ll have to move right to get into position to start Tawaf, as you’ll be directly opposite of the Hijr-e-Aswad.

Maps/Directions for Mina and Arafat can be found here


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