Haji Camp Visits – #Hajj

Hajj Training and Haji camp visits

Hajj training are offered at different places on regular basis till last flight before Hajj. Most famous places in Karachi are Taimuria Masjid and Alamgir Masjid. The most important things to learn are

  1. How to wear and manage Ahram and its conditions
  2. How to perform Tawaf
  3. How to perform Sa’yi
  4. Issues related to Halaq
  5. Hajj days and their rituals with timings (schedule)

I’ll not be going into training details of these matters for now, but will discuss them briefly in their respective sections.

Once you have received confirmation letter (no issue if none received) from ministry, keep a file with all confirmation and other letters including your Hajj form receipt. Following is based on my experience in 2015 but may be different in 2016. The New Haji camp is situated in Sultanabad, near PIDC. You may have to visit this place a number of times. For all visits, take your form receipt, 3x photographs, NIC and letters (and their copies) with you:

  1. Introductory session: To get brief Hajj training and administrative matters related to Haji camp and Hajj departure (including, vaccination timings, tickets/passport issues and news about return of payment, if any).
  2. Mandatory Training session: This one is with attendance and is highlighted as mandatory by the ministry. By this time you must have started you shopping and have an idea of prices in market. All shopping items are available in Haji camp stalls at nominal rates too. The training session again includes matters from your departure to performing Hajj, so listen to everything very carefully.
    1. These sessions are scheduled area wise, but you can attend session for other area as well. All session are same.
  3. Vaccination and packing of Medicines: It is mandatory to have vaccination, preferably 10-15 days before your flight. If you flight is late, don’t try to go for vaccination in starting days to avoid unnecessary crowd/rush. Take all medicines with prescription with you on this day to get them packed with Anti-Narcotics stamp.
    1. Wait for your turn in queue to get vaccination card. Female pilgrims don’t need to get in line, only group leader can get cards for all.
    2. Go to the vaccination point and get all members vaccinated. Make sure that your card is signed and stamped by the doctor.
    3. Put all your medicines in plastic bag (also available there) and move to narcotics counter to get them stamped.
    4. Don’t forget to take 3x photocopies of your prescription and form receipt. There is a photocopy machine in Haji camp but load shedding can put you in misery in addition to the crowd.
  4. Receiving Tickets/Passport: These will be provided two days before your flight. Vaccination and narcotics counter and stalls will also be open on these days, in case you forgot something earlier. Only group leader is required to collect Passport/Tickets. Go to your respective airline counter; collect your passport/tickets, your identity cards/blue cards for Hajj and other instructions regarding bank payments.
    1. In case your accommodation and travel expenses are less than your payment, you will receive remaining payment from respective bank in Haji camp. Take your payment return slip/card to the bank and get you remaining payment back.
    2. Do check your documents specially tickets/passport pages and Blue card for spelling/other mistakes and get them corrected from the same counter/as told by their representatives.

Now you are ready for departure, so start packing your stuff.


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