Ahram & Departure – #Hajj

Start of Journey – Ahram and Departure

Welcome to the second part of my blog,

Once you have collected your travel documents from Haji camp, it’s time to pack your stuff.

  1. Keep photocopies of your Vaccination card/Blue card/receipt/passport/visa and other documents in your hand bag as well as luggage. Keep originals (Vaccination card, passport, blue card and any other identification provided at Haji camp) in your belt pack.
  2. Keep running medicines in Hand bag and other packed ones in luggage.
  3. If you have tea whitener and washing powder, keep factory packed items in your luggage only. If narcotics staff asks you to take them out, politely ask them to allow it (at your own risk of course). If not allowed, give up all such items at airport.
  4. All scissors/sharp items should be kept in luggage.
  5. Don’t forget to get your mobiles and their chargers in hand bag.

Try to get your debts cleared (both material and personal issues/quarrels) before departure. It’s normal to have visitors before flight, so get your items packed at least one day before flight. Try to get a nap on your last day.

  1. You should reach airport 4 hours before departure time (2 hrs are sufficient but don’t take risk).
  2. Normally people (male) perform Gusl at home, perform two rakats in Ahram at home but do not make intension/Niyat and Talbeeh at home.
  3. There is a place at airport for Ahram, so if you like; you can wear complete ahram at airport. Or just wear bottom part with normal shirt at home and take upper part with you in hand bag to wear at airport.
  4. At the airport, narcotics will check your stuff. Throw away anything they do not allow to avoid problems at Saudi airport.
  5. You will be provided with a Saudi Sim at the same counter. Go to your airline counter to get your boarding pass.
  6. Almost 1.5 hrs before your flight time, it is better to get into Ahram. Go to the wash room with designated Ahram area. Wear your Ahram, and perform WUDU. Go to the praying area to perform two rakats and dua.
  7. If you like, make intension/Talbeeh here. Or you can wait till Meeqat announcement in flight to perform Niyaah/Talbeeh (If going to Makkah first).
  8. Don’t use perfumed tissues provided by airline in Ahram.
  9. Your hand bags will also be checked before going to plane, so don’t keep anything that can cause trouble. It’s better to keep one ahram, one normal dress and documents only. Keep your cash in you beltpack.
  10. Most of the people perform Hajj Tamattaw so make niyat of Umra Ahram.

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