Planning (Before Hajj application)- #Hajj

1. Planning (Before Hajj application)

Update (6th April 2016, 27 J. Sani): Government scheme forms are available in banks with date ………….17-26th April 2016 ….. Balloting: 29 April 2016

Update (April 2017, Rajab): Government scheme forms available in banks with last date …….26 Apr 2017…. Balloting: 28 Apr 2017

Update (January 2018, J.Awal): Government scheme forms available in banks 15-24 January 2018 with last date ………….24 Jan 2018 ….. Balloting: 26 Jan 2018 (Actually performed on 1st March for 50 pc quota, second balloting depends upon Court’s decision).

The time for hajj applications normally starts in the month of J. Saani – Rajab. In 2015 it started in 2nd week of rajab. So if you are eligible to perform for Hajj and intend to apply on government scheme there are some prerequisites that need to be fulfilled.

  1. You must have enough financial strength to bear your application charges as well as your journey expenses. For government scheme (applicable on 2015 package, Rs. 6000 more for 2016), the package for one person was Approx. Rs. 2,65,000/- (Approx.  Rs.  2,72,000 for 2016, 2,80,000 for 2017, 2,80,000 for 2018) for northern part of Pakistan (including Punjab and KPK) and Rs. 2,56,000/- (Approx.  Rs.  2,62,000 for 2016, 2,70,000 for 2017, 2,70,000 for 2018) for Sindh and Baluchistan.
  2. If you opt for Qurbani (sacrifice) with package through government arrangement, add Rs. 15,000/- approx. (Hajj policy 2015). For year 2018 qurbani charges are Rs. 13,050/-.
  3. In addition to package charges, minimum SAR 500 or PKR 15,000/- should be available per person. Although this year meal was also included in package along with travel arrangements, and one can ‘survive’ on bare government package, but still this amount should be available for miscellaneous expenses. (Details to follow).
  4. For govt. scheme, generally some amount is returned, on day you receive your passport and tickets (2 days before departure). Reimbursed amount is difference from your paid amount and actual residence and vehicle charges. This amount varies from zero (0.0) to Rs. 18,000/- depending upon your location in Harmain sharifain and your travel arrangements. So, it’s advisable not to expect any return of amount.
  5. Valid passport is required for application (or application slip, if you didn’t plan your journey earlier). It’s better to get your passport ASAP with validity such that 1 year validity is present from date of application. For 2017, passport should be valid till 1 March 2018.
  6. Recent photograph (4×3 cm) with light blue background (almost all photo studios know the requirement for Hajj/Umra photos). For female pilgrims, hair must be covered. For male, no hats.
  7. Photocopies of some documents (explained in application details section).
  8. Availability of Mahram for female pilgrims (sunni).

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