Hajj Experience 2015/1436 – Guide #Hajj

When I was searching for information on Hajj, I came across many books and online articles. Most of the books published are mostly limited to legalities of actions and take much of the material from older books with limited insight to what we experience on ground. Same is the case with most of the online articles, where people share their experience or Hajj diaries. My intention is to write a complete story of Hajj with latest information and tips/tricks that can help people to avoid hustle and make up their minds for what is going to happen on their journey.

KAABA moon

Here is how my blog will be organized,

Pre- Departure

Start of Journey – Till Makkah Residence

Umra and Pre-Hajj Period

Dos’ & Don’ts


Hajj (8 ZilHaj to 13 ZilHaj)

Post –Hajj Period

The complete information in this blog is available on pdf format and can be received by contacting on “contact me” section of the blog/site.

Updated: Sep 2017


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